We understand that the timely delivery is vital to effective operations (including vessel operations) the consequences of spare parts failing to connect with a vessel during the increasingly limited time available in port today adds significantly to purchase, maintenance and general running costs.

DTD is a bespoke solution built to deliver an improved level of service in the coordination of spare part movement from the supplier’s door to the ship’s deck, wherever she calls in the world. We take over from the time you issue a purchase order. We store, if necessary, then route your spares economically and directly by land, sea or air reporting key milestones until final delivery on board.


We utilize the expertise of our extensive global network of offices in managing local Customs and delivery procedures. We control the whole process through a dedicated unit within our Vessel Supply Chain Hub – helping to reduce your logistics, administrative and overall management costs and providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your freight will connect with your vessel.